The perfect Greek coastal holiday

The origin of European civilization and the cradle of philosophy and mythology, Greece has a long tradition of seafaring and is one of the Mediterranean's most famous sailing locations. The Cyclades Islands, the Sporades and the Aegean Dodecanese Islands, along with the Ionian Sea islands, are just a few of the idyllic locations where you can rent a ship in Greece and go sailing in calm seas.

Greek coastal land

The thousands of Greek islands and thousands of kilometers of shoreline make Greece's beaches endless. You are invited to cool off in the crystalline waters by the purest summer Mediterranean climate. And variety enables the sailor to choose between white sand and rocks and on uninhabited islands between lengthy and crowded beaches or tiny coves. Here's some of Greece's finest beaches.

  • Navagio Navagio Beach is one of the seven Ionian Islands on the island of Zakynthos. It is a tiny cove encircled by cliffs and in the sand are the remains of an ancient freighter. Is only available by sea, therefore ship rentals are the best choice in Greece.
  • Elafonisi One of the finest beaches in Crete and all of Greece is regarded. In summer, the sand in Elafonisi acquires a curious shade of purple and crystal clear waters.
  • Located on the island of Rhodes, Anthony Quinn meets the demands of the picture of the ideal Mediterranean beach with clear water, rocks and pebbles. It's called after actor Anthony Quinn because there were some scenes from his film The Navarone Guns.

How to get in Greece

Getting to Greece by boat is one of the best choices due to its thousands of islands and the country's big coastline. Sea routes in Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus and Israel connect Athens (Piraeus) and other Greek towns. yacht charter greece, on any of the islands or on the mainland, give you the best way to get around the Aegean or Ionian Sea and don't miss anything so you will not regret your choice.