Spa or Balneo Bath: What to Choose?

When you want to install a used hot tubs for sale at home, the choice for one or the other of these three possibilities is a trade-off on 2 criteria: the place where you plan to install it, the budget you have.

Where you live is probably the most important factor.

If you live in an apartment

In an apartment, unless you live at the top of a building with a private roof terrace, you cannot install a spa if this was not provided for during the construction of the building.

If you still plan to install one inside your apartment, you must have prior authorization from the architect and the condominium. Being assembled into a finished product and installable from the machining, it is also necessary to assess whether or not it is possible to fit it into your apartment. In general, the probability that this is possible is zero.

And while it is possible, it will likely require costly and substantial adjustments to everything to do with filling, draining and dehumidifying. Not taking these precautions would put you in a certain embarrassment with regard to your condominium and your home insurance in the event of a problem. In this case, the spa bath will perhaps be the only option remaining, provided that you have the corresponding budget (minimum $ 2,000 for an entry level supplied / installed).

If you live in a house

In a house, all three are possible. Here everything depends on:

The location envisaged for the installation: outside or not, space available, proximity to neighborhood, local planning rules.
The possibility or not of accessing it to install the coveted equipment,
Your budget for this project.
If you want to put less than $ 1,000, only the inflatable spa will be possible.

If you are no-limit and would like an installation over $ 50,000, all options are open. For example, you can install an outdoor above ground spa next to your swimming pool to enjoy it as a couple, with family or friends, and a spa bath in a bathroom for more intimate use.

Between these two budget limits, you also have plenty of possibilities. There are classic spas and quality whirlpools starting at $ 3,000, and up to over $ 50,000 for a very comfortable swim spa with double basin for solo or group use.

Take advice if you don't know how to set up your cozy little nest. Whatever you choose, you will feel happy and privileged to be able to enjoy it.