Discover the shores of the world

Traveling by boat is surely everybody's dream. This year, the boat rental is open to every family portfolio. Everyone can float on the water for a few hours, a day or a week. But the routes are not only the sea, but the shores as well as the rivers.

Prepare a boat

Preparing a boat is first of all changing the sails, as they can take you away. The boat takes the wind and leaves, and you, with her, you have a limited goal: to reach the shore from a place where you can imagine, beyond, a precise vision, one step at a time. Shore after coast, island after island, always in the water, one is ready to venture on the water and to try a new sympathetic experience. Visit one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe when traveling by boat is just beautiful. You will discover another face of this country with its various monuments of a well refined and beautiful architecture. A beautiful color of the paintings of the facades of each house, especially one that is built in the 17th century is a marvel.

Shoreline destinations

When we talk about a rental on the shore, we think of these large cruise ships or a barge. In France, the yacht charter is much more important. We have a plurality of routes for the Red River, Ganges, Irrawaddy, Mekong, Kwai River, Nasser Lake, Manambolo Lake, Nile, Okavango, Senegal, Zambezi, Amazon part, the St. Lawrence. And then the coastal cruises for Burma, Croatia, Ecuador, Fiji, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Madagascar, Norway and French Polynesia. We can also find the most popular cruises like Antarctica or Spitsbergen. All these destinations are available on Samboat and more their favorite for the month with the Emerald Forest, or El Mogdad. Each destination is unique with the services on board which of course depends on the owner of the boat.

You have the online platform for all reservations and as a novelty, the rental of a boat is done immediately with Samboat as the Airbnb system.